330ml VINUT Mangosteen Juice Drink with Pulp (50% Juice) Fresh-Squeezed Fruit – OEM Beverage

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Savor the Exotic Blend of 330ml VINUT Mangosteen Juice Drink with Pulp: A Journey into Fresh-Squeezed Beverages

Embark on a fascinating exploration into the exotic world of flavors with VINUT’s exclusive product – the 330ml Mangosteen Juice Drink with Pulp. Containing 50% genuine, fresh-squeezed mangosteen pulp, this unique beverage offers an unforgettably tropical drink experience.

Beyond the captivating taste, VINUT expands its services into the realm of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), adding a bespoke touch to your beverage journey.

Tropical Delight: Understanding the 330ml VINUT Mangosteen Juice Drink

The 330ml VINUT Mangosteen Juice Drink represents the finest combination of taste, freshness, and superior quality. The beverage contains 50% real mangosteen juice, ensuring a rich, tropical flavor in every sip.

What sets this beverage apart is the incorporation of real mangosteen pulp, delivering an enticing texture and a deeply immersive fruit experience, making it a distinctive standout among other juice drinks on the market.

Enhanced Beverage Experience: VINUT’s OEM Services

VINUT extends its commitment to quality and consumer satisfaction with its top-notch OEM services. With a minimum order requirement of merely 300 cartons, you can benefit from these services, providing a custom-made beverage experience that echoes your brand ethos.

Customized Logo and Packaging

Leave a lasting impression with VINUT’s customized logo and packaging services. You have the freedom to design your beverages’ appearance, constructing a recognizable and impactful brand identity.

Graphic Customization

Graphics play a crucial role in consumer attraction. With VINUT’s graphic customization services, you can visually narrate your brand’s story, creating an immediate rapport with your audience.

Formula Customization

Make your mark with VINUT’s formula customization. This service gives you the liberty to modify the beverage’s taste profile, making it exclusively yours.

Diversity in Flavors: Mixed Container Service

VINUT caters to the lovers of variety with its mixed container service. You can experiment and enjoy up to 8 unique flavors, ensuring variety and excitement in every order.

In summary, the 330ml VINUT Mangosteen Juice Drink with Pulp, fortified with 50% fresh-squeezed fruit, is more than a typical beverage. It’s an expedition into the realm of exotic flavors. Paired with VINUT’s high-quality OEM services, this product promises more than satisfaction – it offers a chance to create a unique presence in the competitive beverage industry.