330ml VINUT Banana Juice Drink with Pulp (50% Juice) Fresh-Squeezed Fruit – Private label Beverage

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Experience the Rich Flavor of 330ml VINUT Banana Juice Drink with Pulp: A Unique Twist on Fresh-Squeezed Beverages

Step into the rich, sumptuous world of tropical flavors as we explore VINUT’s premium product – the 330ml Banana Juice Drink with Pulp. Crafted with 50% real, fresh-squeezed banana pulp, this delicious concoction promises an indulgent, exotic beverage experience.

Beyond its delightful products, VINUT offers exceptional Private Label services, transforming your beverage desires into a personalized reality.

A Taste Adventure: Decoding the 330ml VINUT Banana Juice Drink

VINUT’s Banana Juice Drink, packaged in a convenient 330ml container, is an embodiment of pure taste, freshness, and top-notch quality. This drink contains 50% genuine banana juice, ensuring a delightful, tropical explosion with each sip.

The unique feature of this enticing drink is its real banana pulp content, providing an engaging texture and a deep, authentic fruit experience that distinguishes it from other juice drinks available in the market.

Beyond a Beverage: VINUT’s Private Label Services

VINUT’s dedication to quality and customer delight goes further with its Private Label services. With a minimum order of just 300 cartons, you can leverage these services, creating a unique beverage experience that resonates with your brand persona.

Customized Logo and Packaging

VINUT offers personalized logo and packaging services, giving you the freedom to design a visually compelling and memorable brand identity for your beverages.

Graphic Customization

Captivating graphics can draw customers and tell your brand story. With VINUT’s graphic customization option, you can visually engage your audience and create an immediate emotional connection with your brand.

Formula Customization

With VINUT’s formula customization, you can tweak the beverage to your liking. This service allows you to modify the taste profile of the drink, making it a signature blend that’s distinctly yours.

The Joy of Diversity: Mixed Container Service

VINUT appreciates the beauty of diversity. Its mixed container service enables you to sample up to 8 different flavors in a single order, bringing in an element of surprise and anticipation with every delivery.

In essence, the 330ml VINUT Banana Juice Drink with Pulp, enriched with 50% fresh-squeezed fruit, is more than just a drink. It’s a voyage into the lush tropics. With VINUT’s exemplary Private Label services, this product offers not just an enjoyable beverage but an opportunity to leave an indelible mark in the dynamic beverage industry.