330ml VINUT 100% Mango Juice Drink – Private label Beverage

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Indulge in Tropical Bliss with 330ml VINUT 100% Mango Juice Drink – Your Exclusive Private Label Beverage


Introducing the 330ml VINUT 100% Mango Juice Drink, a tropical delight that brings the essence of pure bliss to your taste buds. Crafted with utmost care and dedication, this exceptional drink captures the luscious flavors and vibrant sweetness of ripe mangoes. At VINUT, we are committed to providing exceptional private label services, allowing you to create a beverage that carries your exclusive brand name. With a minimum order requirement of just 300 cartons, VINUT is your ultimate partner in creating an extraordinary and personalized beverage experience.

Unleash Your Brand’s Identity: Tailor-Made for You

At VINUT, we understand the importance of brand identity and the power of personalization. With our private label services, we offer a range of customization options that empower you to create a beverage that reflects your unique brand image. With VINUT’s private label services, you have the freedom to tailor every aspect of your mango juice drink, including:

1. Exclusive Branding: Showcase your brand name prominently on our premium cans, establishing a strong connection with your target audience and building brand recognition.

2. Packaging Design: Create visually captivating packaging that represents your brand’s essence and stands out on store shelves, enticing consumers to choose your beverage.

3. Flavor Customization: Tailor the flavor profile of the mango juice drink to match the preferences of your target market, delivering a unique and memorable taste experience.

4. Labeling and Artwork: Personalize the labels and artwork to effectively convey your brand story, values, and key messaging, creating a cohesive and appealing visual identity.

5. Marketing Support: Leverage VINUT’s marketing expertise to develop promotional materials and strategies that effectively communicate your brand’s value proposition to consumers.

International Quality Assurance: Uncompromising Excellence

At VINUT, quality and safety are our top priorities. We adhere to stringent international standards and hold various certifications to ensure the excellence of our products. These certifications include:

1. BRCS: Our mango juice drink complies with the regulations set by the Bureau of Regulatory Compliance and Services, guaranteeing safety and adherence to industry standards.

2. GMP: We strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to maintain the highest level of quality, purity, and consistency in our beverage production.

3. ISO: Our manufacturing processes are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), showcasing our commitment to rigorous quality management systems.

4. HACCP: We implement Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) protocols to identify and mitigate potential risks, ensuring the safety and integrity of our products.

5. FDA: Our mango juice drink has obtained approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), confirming its safety and compliance with regulatory requirements.

6. Halal and Kosher Certification: We offer Halal and Kosher-certified options, catering to consumers with specific dietary preferences and ensuring inclusivity.

7. Organic Certification: For health-conscious consumers, we provide organic-certified variants, sourced from the finest organic mangoes, meeting the stringent standards of USDA and EU Organic certifications.


Unleash the full potential of your brand with the exceptional 330ml VINUT 100% Mango Juice Drink through our private label services. With VINUT’s expertise, commitment to quality, and dedication to customization, you can confidently introduce a personalized beverage that embodies your brand’s identity and delivers tropical bliss to consumers. Experience the luscious flavors of mango in every sip and establish your brand as a trailblazer in the beverage industry with VINUT’s Private Label Mango Juice Drink.